My Favorite Brush

The Talent Brush by BeneFit

This is, without fail, my go-to brush every morning. "Why?" you ask. Let me tell you...

First, it is versatile. I use the flat side of the brush to apply shadow all over the lid or the brow bone. It nicely distributes color and does a little blending as well. Then, I use the thin edge to apply powder eye liner to the lash line. For that use, this little baby works like a charm! The bristles are tapered perfectly to give a nice, precise line without scattering color all over your face.

Second, it picks up color. I've used other brushes where I've felt like I have to keep going back to the color to refill, but I've never had that problem with The Talent.

Third, I've washed it several times and not only does it clean easily but the bristles retain their shape when drying. I think that's because they are synthetic rather than real, animal hair. [Random note: I read somewhere that some brushes are made out of squirrel hair. I find this to be disconcerting.]

Lastly, I think it's a good price ($16). That might seem a little high for a synthetic hair brush, but it is still cheaper than some other options. Plus, it does the work of 2-3 other brushes.

So, I guess it's fair to say I'm a fan. I acquired this brush on a whim while trying to use up some store credit. I think its a keeper.



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