Nordstrom Spring Trend Show

My friend, Jen, was nice enough to go to the Nordstrom Spring Makeup & Beauty Trend Show with me yesterday. What is fun about living in Seattle is that the Nordstrom here is the first ever Nordstrom in the whole country. It started as a shoe store in 1901, around the time of the Klondike Goldrush that was bringing lots of people through Seattle on their way to Alaska to make their fortune. They all apparently needed shoes. The Seattle Nordstrom remains the flagship store and the corporate headquarters. You can read all about the history here. If you look up the Seattle store on the the Nordstrom website, you find out it is store #001 which is easy to remember.

At any rate, on to the trend show. I've never been to a trend show before, so this was all a new experience to me. The 'show' part of it lasted about 90 minutes and consisted of an explanation of the three up and coming trends in makeup and beauty for spring with guest appearances from representatives of various lines, including this guy from Lippmann Collection:

and his feet:

The three trends are:
Petal Pallette: sheer, transparent colors give brighter shades a spring texture. Dusky rose, soft violent and deep pinks inspire the season and lend a romantic feel to the trend.

High Impact Color:
start with bright, almost fluorescent color on the lips, ranging from the brightest scarlet, to fuchsia, and sun-kissed orange. Pair bright, colorful lips with a fresh complexion to keep this look energetic.

Warm Metallics:
create luminous, sparkling eyes wtih warm metallic shadows in shades such as copper, bronze, and warm orange. Glossy lips with metallic eyes given an element of texture to spring makeup.

I only got a picture of one of the models (petal), mostly because Jen wanted a picture of her hair. (Jen is currently searching for a new hairstyle).

After the show part, we were let loose to wander about the incredibly jam-packed sales floor to investigate any of the products featured up close and personal. We also had 'appointments' with a few vendors for makeup application or skin treatment. I did a facial with Elemis and Jen had her makeup applied by two different artists. I won't mention any names, but the first look didn't go over so well so she started over again with a new product line. I was fairly pleased with my treatment at the Elemis counter. It was really, really crowded and a little disorganized, but they took these super close up pictures of my face and pointed out six different types of imperfections. Six! I know that it's clearly a sales ploy, but I'm gullible like that. To be honest, I didn't really see a difference 'before' and 'after' my facial treatment, except that they removed all my makeup. The salesgirls were so funny, they were like "Don't you think you look radiant!?!?" And I said, "I think I look kind of blotchy." But, I bought some stuff anyway. I took some 'before' pictures of myself this morning and then I'm going to compare again in a month. Or maybe I'll go back and have them take another super close up picture of my face and compare the two, that would be interesting.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day. I wonder when the Summer Trend Show will be...



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