Stila Haul

Stila Haul from ULTA!

How much do I looooooooove ULTA?

All items from "The Best of Stila" package exclusive to ULTA for $40 (supposedly a $120 value), except the eyeshadow in the brown box. The package includes: Convertible Color in Poeny 03, Illuminating Moisturizer in Shade 01, Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar, Convertible Eye Color in Onyx, Major Lash Mascara, Eye Shadow in Kitten.

The brown box shadow is color Vieux Carre and is featured in my FOTD. Incidentally, I didn't realize that I need a container for those guys so they are kind of awkward to use in just the plastic holder. Oh well.

I also forgot to use the 20% off ULTA coupon from the mailer. Doh!



snb said...

i soooo love ulta too! have you tried their stila's lip rouge? it's one of the best lip stains i've run across...stays forever and ever. perfect for a lazy gal like myself who still want to be cute! (thanks for checking out my blog, btw! i'm bookmarking yours!)

March 31, 2008 at 3:45 AM

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