More Stila Haul

I went a little crazy on, y'all. The Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion and the Benefit creaseless cream shadow are from ebay, but the Stila products are all from I've seriously been on a Stila binge recently. Not as bad as this girl or this one, though. Holy hell, girls! Those collections would have paid for medical school! Well, maybe not quite the whole thing, but at least a loan payment or two...

Stila mini-lip glaze (left) in Raspberry was free gift with purchase. Yay!

Stila refillable 8 pan eye shadow compact (with double ended brush!).
Colors are (clockwise from top left): Vine, Terra, Salsa, Poppy.

Stila smudge pot in Plum (the smudge in it is from my fat finger).

Benefit creaseless cream shadow in Get Figgy (similar finger smudge). I have been searching ebay and MUA swap lists for weeks trying to find this freakin' stuff. I don't know why I'm so averse to just paying full price for it at Sephora, but I am. Now I just need to find a deal on Birthday Suit. Unless someone out there would like to donate one...

I'm trying out the smudge pot today and, so far, I'm a bit irritated with it. It's a great color (fitting with my ongoing purple problem), but kind of a pain in the ass to apply. I tried it to apply it with a liner brush, a flat brush, and my fingers (index and pinky!) and it all came out uneven and clumpy. Grrrrrrr. I might need to get a stiff brush like this one. But dammit, I feel like if you name a product with the word 'smudge' in it, it should be easy to use. Don't you think?

So that one might be a dud. But stay tuned, I have a FOTD in the works featuring a few of the other products and I think it is purrrrrty. I'm having issues getting my FOTD photos to turn out nice and crisp. My camera should be able to accomplish this, but I haven't quite figured out a winning formula yet. I'll keep working on it.



snb-the glamourista said...

yay for new hauls! i can't believe how much haul those girls got...i have a hard time being entirely faithful to only one brand. they'll be wearin that stuff til they get buried with it!!

April 14, 2008 at 3:39 AM
Kyl said...

No kidding! Now I'm picturing their tombstones:

*stila girl*
April 14, 2008 at 9:59 PM

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