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Admittedly, I'm not a fragrance person. In fact, I haven't owned a perfume in literally years until I randomly picked up a bottle of Falling in Love by Philosphy last summer. It has notes of vanilla, jasmine, lilly of the valley, musk, and blackberry and it appeals to me because it is light, clean, and a little sexy. I like it.

Then, around December, I caught a whiff of Vera Wang Princess. It has many, many notes and I'm too lazy to type them all. You can read it for yourself. I like it because it is flowery, but not too much so, and a little sassy. Plus, it has this ridiculous tag line: Born to Rule. Whatever that means. Incidentally, it also has a really ridiculous webpage. I dropped, like, a million hints about it and J. bought me some for Christmas and I was happy.

My most recent object of fragrant desire is Marc Jacobs Daisy.

I find the ads for it to be a little disgusting, in all honesty, but I sure do love the way it smells. It has notes of strawberry, violet leaves, ruby red grapefruit, gardenia, violet petals, jasmine petals, musk, vanilla, and white woods. To me, it smells bright and sunny. To other people, it smells "eternal." Again, what does that mean? I was trying to resist buying it, I really was, but today I finally broke down and got the smallest possible quantity available. And now I can't stop sniffing my arm.

So, my newly-awakened interest in things yummy-smelling led me to the fragrance section at Ulta. Here I made an interesting discovery...

I never thought I'd have a fondness for anything associated with Mariah Carey. Her music somehow appeals to millions and millions of people, which really baffles me. I guess the most polite thing to say is that it's not for me. As I was walking my sniffer around, I tried her new fragrance M by Mariah Carey. What the heck? I thought, fully expecting to experience some over-the-top musky nightmare (sort of my idea of what I think her music would smell like). Well, dear readers, I can now say that I approve of one thing that Mariah Carey has created: her freaking perfume. Loved it.

The very over-produced website [warning: nude pic of Mariah on front page] has some long-winded statement about all the magic that went into creating a perfume for Mariah Carey. In short, it includes notes of warm marshmallow (no kidding), gardenia petals, Tahitian tiare flower, sheer amber, and Moroccan incense. Marshmallow? Wouldn't that make it sickly-sweet and disgusting? you think to yourself. To be sure, you can definitely tell the marshmallow is there, but all I can say is that somehow it works. It really does. I kept smelling the sample all through the rest of my time in in the store. What is vaguely humorous is that all the sampler bottles of perfume are sans caps so I didn't even realize what a hideous mess of a design the bottle is until I looked it up once I got home.

What is up with that weird, tacky butterfly?

Now I'm going to be pining for this. It never ends.

Other random observations from my sniffer:
  • Deseo by Jennifer Lopez -- weird bottle, nasty musky scent. I stood there looking at the picture of J.Lo thinking You really like the way this smells?
  • Intimately Beckham Women by The Beckhams -- I can't get past the name. Like I want to know what being intimate with the Beckhams smells like. Ew.
Interesting NYT Articles on Fragrances [NYT login required]:
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snb-the glamourista said...

we must help you create a wardrobe of fragrance! you need several, so that you can change your scent with your mood (and the seasons, and just becuase it's tuesday...)and, for the record, i was in ulta tonight!

April 19, 2008 at 11:32 PM

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