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I recently picked up a sample pack from the OPI India Collection: three colors and a topcoat in little, teeny, tiny bottles. It seemed like a good idea because (a) I never use up a whole bottle of polish and (b) I got to try three colors for the price of one. What I didn't consider was how difficult it might be to try to maneuver the teeny, tiny brush. It turns out that these little bottles leave a lot to be desired in terms of ease of application. That being said, the colors are fantastic.

From left to right: I'm Indi-a Mood for Love, Meet Me at the Delhi, Black Cherry Chutney, Topcoat

I'm on a mini-vacation for today and tomorrow and decided to celebrate by painting my tips in the bright Indi-a Mood for Love creamy pink. My toes are sporting Meet Me at the Delhi. The combination of the two is fresh and festive -- like my nails are confetti celebrating my days off from work.

I'm Indi-a Mood for Love, indoor lighting

I'm Indi-a Mood for Love, natural outdoor lighting

Meet Me at the Delhi, indoor lighting

Meet Me at the Delhi, indoor lighting

A little bit of a messy application on the toes here. I blame it all on those damn little brushes! You can see the rest of the India collection colors on the OPI site or on All Lacquered Up. If I haven't mentioned it, I love this blog. Not that she needs my help getting readers (she's famous) , but it is so useful and fun to read.



snb-the glamourista said...

i ALMOST bought that last weekend. wish i would have....

April 25, 2008 at 5:13 PM
Kyl said...

Now I'm lusting for ElePhantastic Pink and Royal Rajah Ruby.
April 25, 2008 at 7:22 PM

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