F.O.T.D. featuring Wet n Wild i-Sparkle

Remember a few weeks ago when I was whining that I couldn't find the WnW i-Sparkle palettes anywhere? Well, do not mourn for me because they have been officially hauled! I never did find them at a drugstore but swapped them from a lovely woman on Makeup Alley, all four of them, practically unused.

And...they are beautiful. Behold!

Can you believe these lovelies came from a drugstore? Wet n Wild, no less: the cheapest of the generic makeup brands. Plus, don't you just adore the petal motif? Somebody is getting fancy over there.

The featured palette of the day: City Lights.

Basically I used the large petal shade on the entire lid, the background shade on the brow bone, the small flower shade for crease and lining and the large flower center for inner eye highlight. Usually people use a white or champagne shade for inner eye highlight, but I like the funky twist of blue.

Some close-ups on the eye:

I rounded out the look with Bare Escentuals Warmth for blush and Bare Escentuals Sheer Joy lipstick (and the usual Clinique High Impact Mascara).

I think I look kind of sassy here.

I'll continue to experiment with the WnW palettes this week and let you know how I like them. I'm loving the copper-y shimmer of City Lights (again with the metallics...).

What do you think?



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