Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

It was really nice this past weekend. Really, really nice. On Sunday, J. and I went to a local street fair. But before leaving our apartment, we dutifully lathered ourselves up with sunblock like very responsible adults. Our sunblock of choice for the day was Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 55 ($8.99). It comes in a variety of other SPF strengths (up to SPF 85), but we just happened to have the SPF 55. It was on sale at Costco. I very faithfully use sunblock, but usually I end the day with that unfortunate contaminated feeling, as if every pore on my body is full of sticky, smelly chemicals combined with grit picked up from every surface I had contact with during the day. In a word: Ew.

My first observation about the UltraSheer was that it doesn't smell icky. It has a little bit of that sunblock-y smell, but I only noticed it right out of the bottle. Amazingly, once it was on my skin, I didn't smell it at all. It bills itself as a non-greasy formula and I honestly have to agree. It absorbed quickly and completely and I didn't feel like I had on a gross "sheen" of product. It also isn't sticky. Ultimately, after spending 3 hours in the hot, blazing sun, I had no traces of any redness or exposure at all. I can verify that J. did not as well. The UltraSheer was a success.

The most impressive thing of all about the UltraSheer, I am somewhat embarrassed to say, was that I was able to go to sleep at night without washing it off. I was too tired last night and postponed my shower till this morning. Usually I wouldn't be able to tolerate the post-sunblock contamination enough to be able to sleep, but when I found that it wasn't a problem, I declared the UltraSheer a definitive winner.

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