Olympus Korean Spa Part 2

Ah... so you're back for more, eh? When we left off last time, I was somewhat stunned and delirious after the body scrub so it was good that there was a short break before heading into the 50 minute massage. Pre-massage waiting occurs in the lounge area which features squishy couches and low brain-power magazines.

The massage was great, but I won't say much about it because it was a pretty standard massage. My only complaint was that the massage room was a little cool. It was good, though, really good. The combination of scrub + massage left me at an almost dizzying level of total body relaxation.

But it turns out that having other people scrub and massage you works up quite an appetite. As mentioned previously, the spa restaurant is exclusively Korean cuisine. I personally love this because how tiresome is the usual "spa food" of salad with a side of salad?

The first item on the menu is Sundubu jjigae, a thick spicy stew with tofu. This was my order as I was too relaxed to read any further down the menu. A big bowl of steamy soup was the perfect compliment to my warm, glowing exterior. It also didn't require much chewing, which seemed like a lot of work.

Just to give you an idea of the time involved, I had now spent 3.5 hours at Olympus and hadn't even visited half of the spa. More specifically, the heated rooms were beckoning. My plan was just to sample a few, get the idea, and then maybe think about heading home. This didn't happen.

The heated rooms are awesome. There are at least six rooms with different themes and different temperatures. They are named (Salt, Sand, Charcoal, etc.) and each room supposedly has unique health benefits. I'm not sure I believe any of the hand-waving health benefits, but ultimately, it doesn't freaking matter because they feel goooooooood. There is a whole range of temperatures from slightly chilly to very, very hot and one can rotate between them for hours. And, that's essentially what I did for another 2 hours.

After basking in the warm oven of the Salt room and cooling down in the Cabin Room, I made the very difficult decision to put myself back together and head on home. With a hearty sigh of contentment, I put on my sunglasses and left the protective walls of Olympus.

In summary: I had a great time. You should try it. Don't worry about the naked thing. Drinks lots of water. And try the restaurant. I'll be going back sometime soon.

[One final note: if money is tight, you don't have to go all-out with the services. A day pass is $35 and it will be the best $35 you ever spent. Pinky swear.]



Misti said...

Wow! Can't wait to visit my friend in Puyallup!!

May 30, 2008 at 6:41 AM
Kyl said...

Fun! They also have a location in Tacoma, which might be closer to Puyallup than Lynnwood. Let me know how you like it.
May 30, 2008 at 10:37 AM

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