OPI Retro Fun in the Sun: Swatches!

At long last, here they are! It turns out that they are more sheer than I had hoped and required 2-3 coats for a lasting impression. All colors have a slight shimmer.

Lemonade Stand By Your Man is a bright, sunny golden-yellow. I'm not sure it works with my skin, but for someone with a darker skin tone or a (dare I say it!) tan, I'm sure it would look amazing.

Lemonade Stand By Your Man, 2 coats, indoor lighting

Lemonade Stand By Your Man, 3 coats, indoor lighting

See Ya Later, Sailor! is a shimmery pale blue. This one is the most sheer of all the ones I tested. I was excited about this one initially, thinking that For Audrey had inspired a new love of blues for me. But, sadly, this one I'm not falling for.

See Ya Later, Sailor!, 2 coats, indoor lighting

See Ya Later, Sailor!, 3 coats, indoor lighting

Peach-A-Boo! has been described as an apricot shimmer. It is probably the most wearable of the bunch, the most appropriate for a conservative work environment, for example. My husband liked this color on me but I felt kind of "eh" about it.

Peach-A-Boo!, 2 coats, indoor lighting

And, saving my favorite for last: Give Me A Coral Sometime. It is less shimmery than the others and the color is a little more intense. I can easily see this one making an appearance on tips and toes at the beach this summer. I like it so much, this is my second application of it within a week's time.

Give Me A Coral Sometime, 2 coats, indoor lighting

So there you have it. The other two colors in the collection not featured here include Sit Under The Apple Tree (a light, apple green) and Calendar Girl (a bright pink-red). I passed on them because I'm not really into green nail polish and I wasn't sure that Calendar Girl looked unique or interesting. I might not be missing out, however, because it looks like Calendar Girl and Give Me A Coral Sometime are almost indistinguishable!

So what do you think, gals? Which of these are you taking to the Beach Blanket Bingo?



snb-the glamourista said...

i'm sad that the blue is so sheer-i love blue polish! now i need to go find calendar girl...there is something so festively fifties about red toenail polish in the summer!

May 21, 2008 at 7:41 PM
Anonymous said...

so sad you missed out on calendar girl!! its my all time fave :) and it is very different from give me a coral sometime. if you can find it i highly recommend it!

October 29, 2010 at 8:23 AM

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