OPI Retro Fun in the Sun

I had to show off these gorgeous shades I got in the mail this week, just in time for the Eighty-Two Degree weather we had in Seattle today. You knew I wouldn't be able to resist for very long, but at least I limited myself to only 4 of the 6 tempting colors. See...it was almost as if I was saving money. Right? Right?

Do not question my pathetic rationalization. I won't listen.

(from L to R) Give Me A Coral Sometime, Lemonade Stand By Your Man, See Ya Later, Sailor!, Peach-A-Boo!

I've been wearing Give Me A Coral Sometime for a few days but didn't manage to snap a pic before it started to look less-than-fresh. And I don't want to show you anything less than perfect. That's how much I care.

You can get OPI Retro Fun In The Sun at
8ty8beauty.com ($4.48 each) or at Head2Toe Beauty.com ($4.75 each). Or you can come over and borrow mine. Seriously... what else have you got to do?



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