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Time for a new feature on The Beauty Couch, one that occurs almost daily in my mind: thinking about things that I want. I have a journal that I carry around with me to help with this. The process is very simple: whenever I see something that I'm interested in, I jot it down.

I highly recommend this. Haven't you ever had the experience of standing blankly in front of a display at the drugstore or Sephora or wherever thinking,
I knew there was something I was interested what was it? Only to leave the store in a dejected and disappointed state without finding the one thing that would solve all your beauty woes?

Well, the radical and ground-breaking suggestion of making a freaking list might solve that problem forever. Although, now I've noticed that I leave the store swearing under my breath because the store didn't carry the object of my obsession. But, I think that's a far better problem to have.

Long-winded and rambling aside aside, here is an product from the most recent Sephora catalog that I'm very interested in:
Sephora Brand Sun Safety Kit ($25).

It contains a bunch of neat-o stuff ("must-have, trial-sized sun essentials") to try out and fall in love with. All of them contain at least SPF 15. And, $21.50 from the sale of each kit gets donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation. So you can feel good about that as well as the fact that you are protecting yourself from the deadly sun. The Sephora Sun Safety Kit is available now online.

I hope you are writing this down...



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