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I don't really read Scientific American. But occasionally J. sees something on there that he thinks I might find interesting. Recently, he forwarded me this article: Blogging--It's Good for You.

Author Jessica Wapner writes "Self-medication may be the reason the blogosphere has taken off. Scientists (and writers) have long known about the therapeutic benefits of writing about personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. But besides serving as a stress-coping mechanism, expressive writing produces many physiological benefits. Research shows that it improves memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity and reduces viral load in AIDS patients, and even speeds healing after surgery. A study in the February issue of the Oncologist reports that cancer patients who engaged in expressive writing just before treatment felt markedly better, mentally and physically, as compared with patients who did not."

One questions I have is whether the topic of the writing is significant at all. For example, do you have to write about your cancer or your viral load for it to be therapeutic or can you write about anything that is of interest to you? I'm not really sure that writing entries every day about how stressful work is would be terribly fun (or interesting to read). So I'm just going to assume that the topic is inconsequential and writing about beauty & makeup is just as good.

What do you think?



snb-the glamourista said...

blogging is like therapy to me! it's my way of talking things out. however, i've also learned the hard way that because some readers actually know me personally, i can't blog about EVERYTHING. i did have an anonymous blog once, and i frequently think of starting it back up. i think that only if you are truly anonymous can you totally spill your guts without repercussion.

June 15, 2008 at 1:12 PM

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