Kinda Cool Contest

There are usually all kinds of contests going on in the beauty blogosphere (oh my god, did I just write blogosphere?!) ranging from giveaways to... well... more giveaways. And, hey, I'm all for giveaways and free stuff, but this contest from stila caught my eye for a different reason: the chance to have your name emblazoned in makeup. Woah! Hold the phone! A contest involving both my love of makeup and my underlying narcissism? Sign me up!

Unfortunately, they already have a lot of lip colors with various names so if you have one of those, it looks like you are out of luck (sorry Marisa). But, I didn't see anywhere in the rules that you couldn't submit a name other than your own. So if you have a beloved relative, lunch lady, or psychiatric nurse that you would like to honor, then head on over there to make your submission today!

Oh, and if you win, please share one of your Namesake Color Free Samples with me. It's the least you could do, really.



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