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I'm a big believer in waxing for leg hair removal. Mostly this is related to my dislike of taking showers (I find it to be tedious and boring) . Thus, I avoid anything that will extend the time I spend in the shower, like shaving, for example.

The majority of time, I pop into a cheap salon near the hospital for a quick wax. But, sometimes this isn't convenient or economical, so I have done some exploration of at-home methods. Most recently, I tried the Parissa Body Sugar. It is $8-10 for a box kit which will get you through at least 2 half leg waxes. This is much cheaper than a salon and no tipping required.

This is actually really easy to use. The jar of wax heats up in the microwave in a matter of seconds and is easy to apply with the aid of a popsicle stick.The wax is faintly scented and sufficiently sticky. It did make a bit of a mess dripping on the bathroom floor, but since the wax is sugar-based, it was easy to clean up with some warm water. The mess is likely related to my inexperience and I suspect that someone with more practice would have fewer drips.

Here is a pic of what comes in the kit. It also has 20 strips for wax/hair removal. The blue tube is some kind of moisturizing oil to use post-wax, but I skipped this step without any problems. The wax was extremely gentle also didn't dry out my skin like some kits have done in the past. I'll definitely be returning to the Parissa kit for future hair management. You can buy yourself a kit online or at your local ULTA.

*NOTE: I'm going out of town for a few days so posting might be a little sparse, but I'll be back with new finds to share in no time!



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