Bridal Beauty by Bobbi Brown

Heading into late Summer, most people have either gone to a wedding or have one coming up before the leaves start to change. Not only are weddings excellent excuses to 1) buy a new outfit and 2) buy some new makeup, they also are a chance to spend time with family when everyone is (mostly) assured to be in a good mood.

Most exciting to me is that my youngest brother is marrying a totally kick ass gal at the end of August and I can barely wait!

I'm additionally thrilled because this gives me an excuse to scour stores and websites looking for the perfect wedding look for her. She, understandably, has her own ideas and inspirations (that she may share with us at some point), but that doesn't stop me from exploring and creating little fantasy looks in my own mind.

If you are not a makeup maven, then you might be looking for something quick, easy and relatively fool proof for your big day. For this, I think the
Bridal Kit by Bobbi Brown ($75) is sure to please. It comes with a gel eyeliner, eyeliner brush, mascara, eye shadow and lip color all packaged in a sleek white case with a mirror and extra pockets for any additional supplies. I think they could've thrown a blush in there too, but even without, this kit is plenty to get started achieving a natural, classic look. Also, check out Bobbi's video of her creating some very chic looks for 2 different model brides.

I hesitate to use the word "perfect" in describing makeup options for a wedding. I do think that, in general, ladies tend to get a leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetle bit crazy when it comes to aspiring to a ridiculous ideal of perfection on wedding days. I think that if a bride ever approached me about doing
something like this, she would have bigger problems than a few fine lines (i.e. she might end up with a black eye). I'm just saying...



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