So I might be the last beauty blogger on earth to write about the PedEgg, but I know for a fact that some of my readers (all 2 of them) don't read other beauty blogs and therefore come sit on the Beauty Couch to keep up to date on the latest, greatest trends in vanity. And I would be seriously remiss in my duty if I did not extol the wonders of the Ped Egg.

Man, I love this little thing. As one of my many irrational personal standards, I'm completely obsessed with having smooth feet. The worst, grossest feeling in the world is getting into bed and having crusty heels scratch, scratch on the 400 thread count sateen bedsheets. Ew!

In my quest to have smooth, well polished feet, I've tried
so many damn things and they have all universally sucked. Pumice stones, exfoliating washes, scratchy gloves, moisturizing socks just to name a few, all pretty much sucked.

Until I met the Ped Egg. Now, let's be clear on what this thing is: it is a cheese grater for your feet. This is some heavy duty dead skin removal. No joke. The usage is pretty straight-forward, you grate your feet and the dead skin either 1) falls away or 2) collects in the little reservoir behind the grater to be emptied at a later time. I typically use it over the garbage because I find that more debris scatters than actually makes it into the egg. This thing has worked miracles on some of the oldest and more stubborn rough spots on my feet. I had some very tenacious Dansko-induced callouses that I never thought would resolve, but the Ped Egg only laughed in their face and proceeded to demolish them. Ha ha!

There are some cautions such as only move it back and forth along the long axis so that you don't accidentally cut yourself. I actually
have cut myself and it hurt like crazy, but this was due to over-zealous rather than improper use. So be careful. The other caution is to remove your thickest problem areas a little at a time. If you go too far, the area will be tender and sensitive for a few days and that's no fun. If it starts to really hurt, then you are probably down to live skin and you need to stop! The Ped Egg also comes with fine grain emery "buffing pads" for putting the finishing touches on your newly beautiful feets or for working more delicate areas (such as rough spots on the top of toes).

Ped Eggs are available pretty much anywhere. They were first an As Seen On TV phenom, but now they are at all kinds of retail outlets (drugstores, home stores, grocery stores, yoghurt stands) and run about $10. They also have a lot of them on So go get yourself one today. Your feet, bedsheets, and bed partner will all thank you.



NurseExec said...

Everytime I go in Walgreens, I think, I should buy one of those. I don't know why I dont. I live in flip-flops here in FL, and every night I coat my feet in Lush's Dream Cream, covered by cotton socks, which helps immensely. Do you think that it's like a razoring during your pedicure, causing the skin to grow back faster, or is it more like a good pumicing? Inquiring minds want to know!

July 26, 2008 at 6:04 AM
Kyl said...

Does razoring really make skin grow back faster? I've never heard that before. Huh.

With regard to your question, I think the PedEgg is kind of a mid-point between pumice and a razor. It is definitely more effective than the pumice stones I've used in the past, but it is not as dramatic or scary as the razors. Although, it is similar to the razor in that you can visibly see the skin falling away, just not in big chunks/slices. Does that answer your question? My sense is that the Ped Egg takes a bit more elbow grease than the razors, but I've had good success with it. And, lord knows, nurses have horribly abused feet! Let me know how you like it.
July 26, 2008 at 5:45 PM

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