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Here's another nomination from future sis-in-law Amy (only 6 weeks to go!): TheBalm's TimeBalm Concealer ($17). Amy writes "this hides dark circles and puffiness and splotchy skin without being cake-y. Brilliant, brilliant."

It comes in six different shades, ranging from lighter than light to medium-dark. In addition to concealing dark under-eye circles, it claims to have anti-wrinkle properties. Supposedly, you could also use it at bedtime to "fight wrinkles while you sleep."

I've been using TimeBalm for a few months now and I'm not quite feeling the love. I definitely do not find it helpful for the under-eye area. It has a nice creamy consistency and blends well, but it settles into fine lines around my eye and actually makes me look older and (amazingly enough) more tired! Boo! Believe me, I do not need any assistance looking more tired. But, since it was just sitting in my makeup case, I started experimenting with it as a general concealer and I actually like it in that capacity. It works great for concealing areas of redness and the occasional blemish. I've been taking a vacation from foundation during the summer in favor of tinted moisturizer. TimeBalm has proven itself to be useful for spot treatments in areas where one might need a little more coverage than a tinted moisturizer can provide. I haven't tried using it at night because I'm a little wary of putting something tinted on my face and then rubbing it all over my clean, white pillowcase. That doesn't seem wise.

Final verdict: if you can find a good match for your skin (I use 'light'), it works as a concealer. The under-eye application wasn't so hot for me, but clearly Amy has a different experience. TimeBalm is available online and at your local Sephora.

Happy Friday everyone!



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