MAC Attack, part deux

The newest collection of mineral makeup blushes, MAC Sonic Chic, hit stores last week. This collection consists of 9 mineral-based shades (minerals, like from the earth) that are baked for a long, long time in ovens. The results are sheer, lightweight, exquisitely blendable and offer a beautiful, pearlized finish.

Warm Soul (left) is described as a "mid-tone beige with gold pearl" and it is gorgeous. If left to my own devices, I would never have tried this gorgeous shade. Too warm, too deep, too rich for my pale self I would have thought and moved on. Thankfully (or not for my wallet), I cease thinking when I enter the MAC store and stood there drooling while the helpful sales associate started loading up a brush.

It turns out that the color is subtle and not too dark at all. And, because it is buildable, if you are a darker skin tone than moi, you can customize the level of color that makes you happy. I find that this shade just livens up the whole face. It is one of those incredible oh-no-I'm-not-wearing-makeup-I'm-just-naturally-this-gorgeous shades that seem almost impossible to believe.

I've been wearing this day and night since I got it and I seriously can't stop looking in the mirror. Needless to say, it is now sitting on my bathroom counter and my wallet is $21 lighter. Sonic Chic is on sale now at and wherever MAC products are sold. [Not to scare you, but I have it on good authority that these babies are moving fast. So don't delay!]



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