MAC Attack: Sonic Chic FOTD

Is it obvious yet that I'm totally in love with these new MAC collections? If I haven't convinced you, here are a few more pics to knock your socks off.

Summer '08 has been all about the pink blush for me. After reading the Dick Page tips, I was convinced that the perfect pink blush is where it's at. So after swooning over the Warm Soul, the next words out of my mouth were do you have anything in a pink? The SA promptly fetched Dainty (see above) officially described as a "light yellow pink with gold pearl." This he applied only to the apples of my cheeks. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I'll take it, I said.
As mentioned previously, I cease being able to think coherently when in the MAC store (do they put chemicals in the air?). This phenomenon led me request to see Nuance (see above), described as a "mid tone peach with gold pearl." It, too, was stunning. At this point I started to panic slightly over which of these three awesome shades (Warm Soul, Dainty, or Nuance) I was going to take home. As you could probably predict, I was unable to decide.

*Sigh.* Here they are: (from L to R) Dainty, Warm Soul, Nuance.

And, just so you don't think I'm only collecting these to gaze upon their beauty, here is a FOTD to demonstrate actual usage. I applied Warm Soul to the cheekbones and just a hint of Dainty to the apples. I finished off with a quick buff with Skinfinish Medium/Natural & Shimmer from MAC New View (more on that later). Otherwise, I'm just wearing (non-MAC) mascara and Hush, Hush.

C'est voila!



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