MAC Attack!

Obviously, I'm kind of late to the Tendertone party (released at the end of May). In fact, I'm so late that most of the shades are actually sold out online and have limited availability in stores. My local MAC store had about 4 or 5. Of the dwindling selection, I picked up Hush Hush. It is described as a "sheer gold with yellow gold pearl" and it is so pretty I almost want to lick it.

For those not familiar, MAC Tendertones are a hybrid gloss/balm (bloss? glalm?) that moisturize as well as glossify. They also have SPF 12, which I think is awesome. More lip products should have SPF. At any rate, I might be going back for the rest of the available shades because I am seriously loving Hush Hush (bottom center in the pic).

Honestly, I probably didn't need yet another nude lip gloss, but I couldn't resist the beautiful, subtle golden shimmer. And I'm glad that I didn't because the shimmer is just enough to make it stand out from my other nudes, yet not so outrageous as to be inappropriate for work.

In terms of formulation, it is really not that sticky and lasts quite a while. It does have a scent, described as "kiwi-strawberry." And, my lips do feel moisturized. On the negative side, yes, $14.50 is a lot of money for a lip gloss/balm. And, yes, you have to stick your finger in it. But, those complaints notwithstanding, I'm not kidding that I want to go get some more. Some colors are still available at and, if I'm not mistaken, all of them look to be at

I bought some other goodies from the MAC store that I'll be sharing soon. Here's a preview: I have something from each of the newest collections Electroflash, Sonic Chic and New View.

What did you haul this weekend?



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