Product Lust

I must admit, I have never bought anything from Bobbi Brown. But, my fondness for her went up immensely for the completely irrational reason that I noticed a gap-toothed model in BB advertising (see left). A front teeth gap is also called a midline diastema and I happen to have one so I notice them on others. It isn't completely unheard of in models (ie. Kate Moss) but just like this picture a lot.

Completely unrelated aside aside, I'm completely lusting after some lippies in BB's new Mauve Collection for fall. Specifically, I'm loving the Heather Mauve Lip Color and the Black Pearl Lip Gloss. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find any really great pictures that I feel comfortable "borrowing" to show you. But here are some links to other bloggers who are lucky enough to have advance samples of the products (*so jealous*).
Available now online or at your favorite department store BB counter. If you happen to live in Seattle, stop by Nordstrom's for the Bobbi Brown Mauve Collection Launch on Saturday, July 19, 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

UPDATE: here's a slightly blurry pic of the three lip glosses that are part of the collection: Black Pearl, Mauve, and Iced Mauve (from top to bottom). I'm not sure they make me ready for fall, but I'm definitely intrigued!



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