Review: Parissa Quick & Easy 2 in 1 Roll-On

I continue to be impressed with the Parissa line of products. The difference between the Parissa Quick & Easy 2 in 1 Roll-On and the Face & Body Sugar that I reviewed a while back is that the wax application has been simplified. For those intimidated by dripping wax and popsicle sticks, this is for you!

The wax comes inside the (microwavable) green ball and is applied via a roller mechanism designed specifically for that purpose. Large and small rolls are included for targeting large vs. small areas. The rest of the process, applying the cloth strips and removing hair, is pretty much the same.

Here are the contents of the kit:
The instructions are colorful and easy to follow.

They advise to keep the ball roller-down once heated. Thankfully, a nifty cup is provided to make this a lot easier!

The roller-ball makes the application a lot cleaner. No drips on the floor at all. As far as I can tell, the wax is the same formulation used in the sugar-chamomile kit. It was gentle and non-drying. Plenty of cloth strips were provided and they can be re-used with a little practice. The green balls are recyclable, which is always a good thing, and you can buy refills. My only complaint is that it does not come with a tube of the Azulene after-waxing soothing oil, which the other kit contained.

Here's a word to the wise, though: keep the wax application thin. Below is the result of my overzealous application of wax coupled with not pulling the skin taught enough when ripping off the strips. If not obvious, that's my bruised knee. To be clear, this is the result of poor technique rather than some problem with the Parissa wax.

The Parissa 2 in 1 Roll On retails for around $20. Visit to order online or locate retailers.



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