Sunday Steals

Thanks to Karen at Makeup & Beauty Blog for giving a big heads up on some fabulous makeup deals at Costco. She found a limited edition Stila "Brown Look" set (seen at left) and a 9-piece Smashbox set for $20 each! The Stila set is sold out online and, even if available, would cost twice as much!

After reading her post, I hot-tailed it down to our local Costco to see if the items in question were available. And they were!

I've seen Smashbox collections at Costco before, but never Stila! This is a great value especially if you are in need of brushes. Those two brushes alone usually cost $46! Anyway, if you are looking for away to beautify a dreary Sunday, head on down to Costco for some wallet-friendly finds. And get me a big tub of Red Vines while you're there. I'll pay you back later.



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