Tangerine Clean: Trader Joe's Tangerine Sugar Scrub

Continuing on the exfoliation theme, here's a great little product available at your local Trader Joe's. If you don't have a Trader Joe's, you are out of luck and I feel sorry for you because they don't sell it online either.

According to wikipedia, "the name tangerine comes from Tangier, Morocco, the port from which the first tangerines were shipped to Europe. The adjective tangerine, from Tangier or Tanger, was first recorded as an English word in 1710." It is also a song by Led Zeppelin (written after their other citrus-themed song about a lemon).

At any rate, tangerine is the scent of Trader Joe's Purify Sugar Scrub. It is bright and fresh and a slight departure from my usual lemon fixation. I'm a big fan of this stuff. In addition to the scrubbing crystals of sugar, it contains several moisturizing oils: sweet almond, sunflower, soybean, grape seed, and others. For this reason, it not only acts as an exfoliater, but takes care of moisturizing as well. With all of those oils, it does leave a bit of a 'film' on your skin. I don't mind this and find it to be helpful (it saves me the step of moisturizing post-shower). But, if you are particularly averse to that kind of thing, then you might want to avoid it. Also, as they mention on the package, it does cause the shower floor to be a bit slippery, so watch out. The best part about this scrub is the price: $5.99 or thereabouts. This is phenomenally cheap for a scrub products.

I've always wanted to try lemon-scented fresh brown sugar body polish, but I probably never will because (I can't even believe this as I type it) it is $65! I'll keep my $6 jar from TJ's, thank you very much.



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