Zoya Annie Swatches

Zoya describes this color as "bold berry metallic" and I will agree with the bold part. Can I really wear this to work? I was wondering as I applied the second coat. But I wasn't about to take it off, so we'll see what happens. It is summer-time after all, right?

Annie is a deep orange with an ever-so-subtle shimmer. Some people have described it as a red-orange in certain lighting, but I'm not seeing that. Shown at left is 2 coats in indoor lighting. I continue to be impressed with Zoya's formula. Their polish is a perfect consistency (not too thick, runny, or gloopy) and applies like a dream. It is easy to control, easy to spread, and two coats are all that is needed for beautifully saturated color. I can't quite figure what is different about their brush, but I really like it as well. Overall, I'm pretty excited about trying out the rest of my Zoya haul.

What do you think? Is orange work-appropriate? I guess we'll find out!



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