Zoya Haul

(from L to R) Casey, Indigo, Anastasia, Annie, and Audrina

I love coming home and having packages waiting! Especially when they contain
incredibly beautiful nail colors. Yay!

I cannot attest to personal experience with Zoya products, but they are not hurting for fans. Of the many features to recommend their products, I am partial to the fact that they are based in my old stomping grounds of Cleveland, Ohio. No kidding! More power to anyone who operates a successful business in the Cleveland-Metro area.

Other selling points: Zoya polishes are Big 3 Free (no formaldehyde, toluene, camphor or dibutyl phthalate); Zoya was recently given the title of "Longest Wearing Nail Polish" by Women's Health magazine; and they have over 300 shades.

Indigo close up:

Anastasia close up:
Annie close up:

Fun Fact: Annie was named after the beauty blogger behind Blogdorf Goodman as part of the Chit Chat collection.

And if none of their 300 colors appeal to you, here's a preview of upcoming Fall 2008 collections. My wallet hurts already.



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