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This week's submission comes from Sarah who is living large in the thriving metropolis that is Pittsburgh, PA. She is a big fan of Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother (SPF 20). Sarah says "I prefer 'Sheen' and 'Shine', totally the best $6 you will ever spend. I'm on my 10th tube of this stuff."

Lip Soothers are a combo product that supposedly "hydrates, soothes and protects dry lips on contact with beautiful high-gloss shine." The company also claims that it has "conditioning botanicals and glycerin for intense moisturization."

The nice thing about this product is that it is readily available at any drugstore you might find and is usually fairly well stocked (unless you're at
Target *snarls*).

Lip Soothers come in six different shades. I tried Shine, which is a pinky color. Sheen is more red. I will say, the gloss on this stuff is high gloss all the way. The color is not intensely saturated so even the darker shades are likely to appear sheer. Shine was close to clear gloss in coloring once it was applied. It does feel kind of "thick" on the lips but is fairly slippery and I didn't find it sticky in the slightest. If you are violently opposed to scented lip products then this isn't for you as it has a girlish, candy sort of scent. But, that wears off. The "cooling hydragel" is a little weird but kind of refreshing in hot weather and ultimately not that remarkable either way. One complaint is that it is not very long-lasting so I can see why Sarah has gone through 10 tubes! In terms of moisturizing, I'm not sure that it provided "intense" moisturizing but it definitely was not drying. I am a big fan of the SPF 20. Love that! Even my beloved MAC Tendertone only has SPF 12 and Lip Soothers are less than half the price.

Overall, this is a good product (with SPF!) at a good price that is widely available at retail outlets. It would be good for taking on a beach trip or some other adventure where you might be likely to lose a gloss, thereby being out $6 rather than $15.



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