MAC Attack: Electroflash!

After gushing over the gorgeousness of the
MAC Electroflash Mineralize Eye Shadows both online and in person, I allowed myself to choose one (just one!) that I had to have.

Here it is: Pink Split. Initially it looks like a shockingly bright pink, but on the eye it is a subtle pink rose. The darker shade is a bluish charcoal. Both are very sparkly. I attempted to take a picture with my camera, but the color is so subtle that it doesn't show up well for whatever reason. So you'll have to take my word for it.

The sparkly turns out to be a bit of a problem in my hands because it ends up all over my face. More than other eyeshadows, this one seems to have a big splatter-factor. I've solved this by holding a piece of toilet paper under my eye when applying it so that any excess shadow falls on it and not my face. This helps but is kind of a pain. Definitely it is not a product for days when I am in a major hurry.

While at the MAC store, I also picked up one of the Electroflash lipglasses: Major Minor. It is described as a "frost mid-tone beige" although I think in real life it looks a little peachy. I've been wearing it with Nuance blush and that seems to be a good combo.

All in all, despite my initial excitement, I'm a little disappointed with the Electroflash eyeshadow (at least the one that I sampled). I think that it is really pretty and I'll continue to wear it, but it does take a little finessing to make it work.



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