NOTW & OPI France Haul

OPI has released its Fall/Winter 2008 offering "La Collection de France." As noted previously, most of the shades are variations on deep reds and purples, which while beautiful, aren't exactly new. I'm a sucker for vampy shades, but a lot of these are not dissimilar to other colors in the OPI catalog (who loves double negatives?!). So I held back in making my selections and ultimately settled on three of the twelve colors: You Don't Know Jacques, Parlez-Vous OPI?, and Tickle my France-y.

When opening a package containing beauty goodies, sometimes one particular item just reaches out and grabs my attention immediately. Well hello there, I thought as soon as I laid my eyes on You Don't Know Jacques. It's weird, I know, who would want to wear gray nail polish? Turns out, I do! This creamy gray is just unexpected enough to be completely fascinating. It was hard to get a good photo because it changes colors in different lights. In low light (and the pictures above), it actually looks brown. But this photo captures the true color fairly well.

I'm not sure it works with my skin, but I kind of don't care because I'm seriously loving it. Keep your eyes peeled for other NOTW featuring the Collection de France. But, if you just can't wait, there are swatches of the full collection on several other sites.

P.S. Who else is loving all the cloche hats popping up in advertisements recently? (See above photo and the weird MAC video from yesterday). I bought a brown cloche in Paris last year and I am totally busting it out this Fall!



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