Product Lust: MAC Cult of Cherry

The new forbidden fruit. Deep, dark, dramatic. Lips ripened with juicy cerises and intoxicating kirsches while eyes smolder in luscious spiced chocolate. With its sense of way-to-go dark, this is how we separate the bitter from the sweet...Fall drama just got more delicious.

Check out these quads ($36): (from left to right) Shadowy Lady, Spiced Chocolate, Tempting. I can't pick a favorite, can you?
The lip products include lipsticks ($14), mattenes ($14.50), and lipglasses ($14) and they also feature dark, sultry colors in shades of red, burgundy, and royal purple.

Red lipstick isn't for the faint of heart but nothing is sexier or more classic. All skin tones can wear red lips, the trick is just finding the right one. Here are some hints:
  • Fair Skin: true reds that balance warm and cool undertones, such as "cherry" reds, aren't overpowering.
  • Medium Skin: berry-based reds or "classic" reds can go from day to night.
  • Dark Skin: earthy brick reds or rich burgundy look polished and gorgeous.
If you are nervous about a full-on red, a less-intense, red-stained lip can be just as sexy (or even more!). Any lipstick can act as a stain. Instead of rubbing, simply tap the tube onto your lips and then smooth out with your fingers, working the pigment into your lips. To make it last, blot and then apply again in the same technique. This way is more forgiving as you can avoid the hassle of a retro fully-lined and deeply filled-in look.

Cult of Cherry contains both traditional lipsticks and also
mattenes which are sort of "lipstick light." The mattenes are calling my name as I am in the mood for matte this Fall: (from left to right) Chock-Ful, Kirsch, Bing, and Rapturous.
Cult of Cherry is available online and now through 8/23 there is free shipping on all purchases. Check out the Cult of Cherry website if for no other reason than to watch the totally wacky video.



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