Self-Soothing With Lipgloss

This will be quick because I am shortly headed off to work my least favorite shift in my least favorite hospital. As you can tell, I am not thrilled about this. In fact, I'm totally dreading it.

But it doesn't really help to whine and no one is interested in my whining anyway. So I'm going to focus on something that will cheer me up and make the next 12 hours almost bearable. Here it is:
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss in Black Pearl. I was lusting after this a while back and actually followed through with picking up a tube.

Let me tell ya, this stuff rocks. Black Pearl is a unique shimmery purple-gray shade that is perfect for fall. It is unlike any other color of gloss that I own, which is really an accomplishment. You might think that it would look strange on the lips, but it succeeds in being interesting, flattering, and not too goth. What else could you ask for, really?

My plan is to re-apply this all night long in order to distract myself from the ongoing misery around me. Let's hope it works.



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