Smashbox Wicked/Lovely: A Dialectic

Even though there were no makeup purchases over the weekend, I did spend some time checking out a few new Fall collections. I like to call this "research." Smashbox's Fall 2008 Wicked/Lovely collection is inspired by the inescapable good girl/bad girl dialectic (that's right, I said dialectic). But while some people may believe that we girls are one or the other (Sandy D or Rizzo, as it were), I prefer to think that we all have a little good and a little bad working all the time. So no matter if you're feeling naughty or nice, Wicked/Lovely has got you covered.
There are 2 eyeshadow duos and they are both pretty killer: sexy/demure and sinful/demure ($24). I'm partial to the sexy/demure because I'm a sucker for brown eyeshadow. After swatching them, I can affirm that they are even more beautiful in person. Here's a blow up of sexy/demure from this month's Allure. They are quite shimmery, so if that turns you off they probably aren't for you.

The 3 coordinating lip glosses are equally intriguing: coy, sweet, and sultry ($18). Coy is a pinky nude that is very shiny on the lips. Someone wicked had stolen Sweet so I couldn't sample it. Unlike the other two variations on nude, Sultry is very, very dark. It is a unique dark raisin-brown colored gloss that is actually very pretty. Because it is so dark, I can see it being tricky to work with and would definitely recommend using the matching lip pencil ($16) to ensure flawless application. Lastly, all 3 glosses have these goofy little tassles on them. I don't know what's up with that, but it's not doing it for me.

Wicked/Lovely also contains a cream liner, shimmer powder, and a blush to round it out. Although I didn't take any of these goodies home, I was severely tempted by sexy/demure and coy. Usually Smashbox doesn't really inspire me that much, but this collection just might change my mind about that. Wicked/Lovely is available now at Sephora, ULTA or at



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