Smashbox Wicked/Lovely: Swatches!

I've been absent for a few days, but I've returned with gifts in the form of swatches! After gushing about the Wicked/Lovely collection last week, I felt it only fair to provide some swatches. To do this, I shamelessly swatched up my arm in the store and then ran out to my car to take pictures. Yes, this is how I spend my Saturday evenings.

As you can see, the Sexy/Demure is as amazing as I had described. But, my swatch mission was two-fold. Taking a stroll through my stash recently, I noticed that the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy Eyeshadow Palette in Metallic (gosh that's a lot of words) was strikingly similar to Sexy/Demure. But I wanted to be sure, so I brought it with me to the store so that I could compare in real-time. Here's the result: As you can see, there are (unfortunately) real differences in the two palettes. The Smashbox brown is much deeper and richer and the lighter shade is more iridescent and less muted. Bummer. I was hoping that they were good duplicates because there is a significant cost difference between the two: $18 vs. $8.

With duplicates on the brain, I also found the duo Foxy by L'Oreal HiP. Unfortunately, no store allows swatching of drugstore brands so I can't show you the swatch of that, only a picture.

Again, I doubt that it's a very good match, but the cost is $7 and you could achieve a similar (if not exactly the same) look. The other thing that occurs to me as I type this is that most drugstores allow returns of cosmetics if you don't like them. If you were looking to try Foxy, Rite Aid has Buy One Get One Free on L'Oreal HiP products this week.

So, despite the obvious differences between the SH (which I already own) and the Smashbox (which I don't), I still resisted bringing Sexy/Demure home. Why? I'm not even sure because, as I look at the pictures now, I want it even more. Dammit.



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