Traveling Stripper

Preparing for a trip always involves the process of mentally organizing what is going with me in terms of makeup and beauty products. One thing that will definitely make the cut is a Stripper To Go packet from Lippmann Collection. These little guys are just so cool!

Each packet contains one finger mitt soaked with Lippmann's signature remover "
The Stripper." Simply slide your finger in the mitt and then wipe the polish away on the opposite hand. The mitts are slightly textured for easy removal and one mitt is more than enough for both hands. The Stripper formula contains aloe vera for moisturizing and lavender provides a surprisingly pleasant scent.

The big downside is the outrageous price. The cost is $8 for 6 packets -- that's over a dollar per packet! Ouch. At that price, I would never use these on a regular basis, but who wouldn't like to feel at least a little bit pampered when removing a mani in a nondescript hotel room? However, if the price is just too much to handle, Cutex offers a similar product for half as much ($3-4 for 6 packets). I'll warn you, though, I've tried the non-acetone Cutex pads and they are definitely inferior. Only The Stripper can satisfy my travel needs.



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