Wedding Beauty Emergency Kit

Today is the big day: my little bro is getting married! It's so exciting, I can barely stand it. In honor of the bride, I was thinking about a good Wedding Beauty Emergency Kit. Ideally, it would contain a minimal number of supplies to handle a wide variety of potential mishaps. The idea isn't to carry the entire medicine cabinet and vanity, but to have a few essentials that lend themselves well to improvisation.

Here are the essentials as I see it:

blotting paper
*translucent powder
*mascara (waterproof, of course)
eye drops/contact solution (and maybe an extra pair of contacts)
cotton swabs
nail file
clear nail polish
hair brush/comb
pocket sized mirror
small packet of tissues
deodorant (clear)
stain pen/wipes
breath mints

Some of the items (marked with a *) can be thrown in from the bride's makeup case once she's finished and don't need to be re-purchased.

Here is the kit I assembled for Amy

A closer look (I know I said not to go buy new mascara, but this is her favorite...)

And the final product

Of course there are a bazillion other things that one could include (safety pins, bobby pins, tampons, straws, Valium, static guard, etc), but this list is geared toward keeping the bride looking fresh and beautiful from the neck up. If her dress falls apart on the way to the reception, hopefully someone else brought along the hem tape.

If a trip to the drugstore is just too much to handle, there are some websites (here and here) where a similar kit can be purchased, albeit at a rather hefty price.

I won't be the first or the last, but I want to officially wish Mike & Amy all the love and happiness they deserve (which is a lot)!



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