Ye Olde Makeup Tips

Sometimes I get the feeling that every makeup hint has been recycled over and over again since fashion and beauty rags began. This month's issue of Allure has (somewhat strangely) more than one article on tips and tricks. A lot of them are "the usuals," but here are a few that are worth repeating.

  • Connect the dots. To create a smooth line along the upper lashes, start at the outer corner and draw a series of dashes with an eye pencil, as close to the lashes as possible. Then connect the marks.
  • Warm up. Before dabbing concealer on your skin, warm it up in the palm of your hand, the heat will thin the texture so the coverage is smooth. [I've noticed that this really works with TimeBalm.]
  • Take it off. No matter what eye makeup you use, always choose a remover designed to take off waterproof formulas. The best ones look separated, like salad dressing.
lash rites
  • Fatten up. When coating lashes with mascara, wedge the wand right against the roots and wiggle it before drawing it out. This makes the base of the lashes appear fuller and thicker.
  • Wing out. To elongate lashes, work from the outer to the inner corners of the eye. That way, more is deposited on the outer corners and by the time you get to the inner corners, you'll have just the right amount left. To increase the effect, apply another coat on the outer corners only.
blush well
  • Have a ball. If your blush looks too bright or too dark, lighten it up by swiping your cheeks with a clean cotton ball -- it won't leave lint the way a tissue can, or streak the way remover can.
  • Help highlighter. For a subtle glow, smile and dab liquid highlighter just above the apples of the cheeks. Then blend it up and out toward the temples in the shape of a Nike swoosh.
  • Pick up strays. Tweeze brows in natural sunlight -- it illuminates all the teeny strands a bathroom bulb will miss. And never tweeze in a magnifying mirror -- it's too easy to overdo it.
  • Stay the course. Don't over-pluck the area between your brows. To get it right, align the brow's starting point with the inner corner of the eye.
mighty mouth
  • Make it last. Prevent lipstick from seeping into cracks by coating the mouth with lip balm, letting it sit for a full five minutes, then blotting the excess with a tissue before applying color. For really chapped lips, gently slough off dead skin with a soft toothbrush or a damp washcloth before wiping off the balm.
  • Master stain. Turn a traditional lipstick into a lip stain by applying three coats of a deep shade, leaving it on for a few minutes, and blotting it with a tissue so only the pigment remains.
  • Shine on. To make lipgloss last longer than 30 seconds, blot the mouth with a tissue or a dry cotton swab first. The wetter the mouth, the less likely the gloss is to stick.
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