Zoya Special Offer

I've been loving my Zoya Haul and, despite the fact that I haven't tried all the colors yet, I'm already lusting for more! Especially because Zoya's Fall collections are now available and they are hot. For a better look at the colors, there are swatches here. Vibe is definitely a good round up of some sexy colors, but Pulse is truly drool-inducing.

If you were wanting to try them out, now is a good time because through Friday 8/8/2008, get 3 matching Zoya Vibe or Pulse Hot Lips Glosses FREE with purchase of a Vibe or Pulse Sampler (or both!). Simply add a Vibe and/or Pulse Sampler to your shopping cart and enter GLOSSME in the enter code# box (you will have to press the update button) in your shopping cart. The Zoya Hot Lips will automatically appear in your shopping cart at no charge.

*Sigh* Gloss and polish, my two favorite things.



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