Celebrity Sighting: Deborah Lippmann!

I forgot to mention probably the most exciting part about the Nordstrom Fall Trend Show: Deborah Lippmann was there! In case you're not familiar, Lippmann is a celebrity "manicurist to the stars" whose client list boasts about every person in Us Magazine. She is also the creator of the Lippmann Collection of nail care and polish products.

She was the last bit of excitement at the end of the show and I honestly can't recall a word that she said because I was trying so hard to snap a non-blurry picture. She did say that her tips were sporting Rhapsody in White and that "white was the new black." She also mentioned the Material Girl Collection ($49) which they were selling at a discounted $25 during the show. Incidentally, I picked this up at the last trend show and love several of the products. Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't snag a few more for gifts at that awesome price.

After the show, Deborah made another appearance on the cosmetics floor and was answering nail questions. She was also a little cranky because they couldn't find her a headset microphone. I hovered around and hoped to get my picture taken with her. Alas, this was not meant to be, but she did look directly at me several times, making this the most authentic celebrity experience I've ever had. Also, her husband is cute.



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