The Dirtiest Clean: SweetSpot Labs

Sometimes I come across things that are just too intriguing to pass up. SweetSpot Labs on-the-go wipettes was one of these. As you can read on their extensive FAQ, SweetSpot Labs is committed to the singular purpose of keeping (how to say this...) your vagina clean. I know, it's super freaking weird. And, yet, they have gone to town coming up with a whole boatload of things that supposedly do just that via their elaborate "Intimate Grooming" ritual (a phrase they ridiculously trademarked, by the way).

I came upon their products while lurking about a boutique and, after receiving a surprisingly impassioned endorsement from the sales associate, bought a trial-sized pack of the SweetSpot wipettes . I went with unscented -- the other options being basil grapefruit, geranium lavender or citrus galbanum (seriously, what is that?).

The suggested uses for the wipettes include post-workout, pre-bikini wax, as "an alternative shower between yoga and a night out" and "the morning after refresher." Or, perhaps, between your 6 and 7 o'clock clients.

In the most basic sense, they are moist towelettes for your vag. It's hard to use more flowery language because, although they describe themselves as "luxury wipettes," that's pretty much what they are. Really, did the world really need yet another moist towelette? Even if they are "infused in a specially-prepared base formulated with the mildest, premium-quality, specially chosen plant-&-mineral-derived ingredients with essential oils to ensure maximum TLC while multi-tasking to keep bacteria at bay," they still seem unnecessary.

You can probably tell, I was rather unimpressed with these and fairly insulted by the whole idea. I did make a good faith effort to try the wipettes and experimented using them in different conditions and situations. They were not particularly "refreshing" and certainly did not provide a "pick me up." Usually I think of pick me ups coming in the form of a caffeinated beverage administered to my mouth, not my privates. But that's just me.

I'm insulted by the idea that women's private parts somehow need to be administered to in some kind of special way. The implied message here is that they are somehow inherently more dirty or unsanitary than other body parts and that is simply (1) untrue and (2) insulting. I imagine that SweetSpot Labs would likely deny that this was the case and insist that they are only trying to provide high quality, natural products for normal grooming. But, we've seen this before. Let's not forget that there was a time when Lysol was marked as a douching product. I'm not accusing SweetSpot Labs of trying to assault my girl parts with Lysol, but they are clearly in that tradition and I thought that it was one we had left safely behind.



Misti said...

You know, when you first started describing these, I was like 'Finally! I don't have to carry alcohol wipes in my purse for pre-wax/girly exam!'

...but after reading your last paragraph, I'm seeing them in a whole new disappointing light.

It may not be at 'lysol-level'. But it still sends the wrong message. Will *not* be purchasing.

September 26, 2008 at 10:18 AM
snb-the glamourista said...

ROFL. i just got a visual of some girl hiking her leg up and hosing down with lysol. priceless!

September 28, 2008 at 7:06 PM
Kyl said...

Dear Brittney and/or Leela,

Thank you for your comment. I certainly do not try to offend anyone with my opinions, but given your very impassioned response, some disconnect must have occurred. This is my blog and I simply offer my opinions and I don't believe I ever made any pretense otherwise.

You are, of course, free to disagree. If you are from Sweet Spot labs, I understand wanting to advocate for your product but certainly there could be a less vitriolic way to do so.

I will also refer you to another beauty blog MUCH more prominent than mine that has also discussed this product and come to a similar conclusion. Perhaps you might want to leave some comments there as well.
November 13, 2008 at 11:13 PM

B.O. said...

Dear Kyl,

I read the blog that you left a link for and yes, that is another opinion that is obviously free to be expressed as well as your's, and mine, but what they said is also just rehashing what your opinion was, basically: "Do my girlie parts actually need a separate cleanser?" both you and this other blog say "no, " (in opinion and belief). My proven belief as a young women with a sensitive vagina is that I personally cannot use regular soaps on my part, as a result it will get irritated, red, and sometimes foul in odor out of dryness, or unbalanced levels of whatever things lie in my vaginal region. This other blog that you quite clearly avidly support says that "I've always thought girlie parts cleansers fell under the body cleanser category," maybe she as well has this good trait in a pussy that me and the few unfortunate women who use this product aspire to have, wheather it be for reasons of reaction, or smell, and maybe me and other users of this SweetSpot product are just the last one to be picked in the game of clean vaginas, and are also unfortunate to have "inherently more dirty or unsanitary" vaginas, compared to the rest of our body parts. Because these products that I have tried on my private that I also use on my face and other various parts cause, I get this reaction, hence why I do not use them.

I so naively typed in to google not too long ago"my vagina smells" to see what little things I would stumble upon as a guide to solving my odor problem (not my reaction which I had known of from going to the gyno, with no diagnoses but that it was irritated for whatever reasons), the top two results were from the same site, the first did not provide me with what info I wanted, so I pressed the back space key and clicked the second. There a little girl- only 13, she is asking for advice because she says he vagina smells of fish, people respond back mostly about vaginal infections, stds, and such, but this one at the end caught my eye that I had not heard of, a product specifically for your vagina called the SweetSpot, (of course I've heard of baby wipes, sanitary wipes, etc.) The person suggested it out of research of her own and also said that it was not too pricey, providing a link, just like you did. I checked it out, and said the hell with it, I gave it a try. No shit, it works pretty well, and my vagina has yet to see another reaction, I didn't need a OBGYN for this one, only a switch of pussy potions. I am vitriolic[ly] bitter, I guess you'd say- by your opinion, because after I had been using this Lab, I was going to the website and some how stumbled upon your blog. If I was the little girl reading those comments and was scared out of my mind from people posting things of foreign diseases, and the ingredient used for making bread... somehow ending up in my vagina?- as a possible diagnoses of my fishy smell, but then "ahhhhh!" a sigh of relief, a response that is only concerning a possible bad choice in my vagina cleaning soaps, but then researching the product and finding a blog that sounds like it is written by a very intelligent mind...well, I would feel awfully discouraged, if I was her. Just like the comment left by misti on your blog, "ahhhhh!," "no...'I'm seeing them in a whole new disappointing light, [after reading your last paragraph].' "

You must know that you influence a lot of your readers, in fact, I know your aware of that, why else would you be giving your advice, and opinion about all these beauty relating products, and trends? People listen to you, point blank, and that is quite clear, you've swayed the two who've commented your blog, but maybe, just maybe you should consider the people with the less fortunate of vaginas, pussies, privates, womanly parts, girly parts, whatever you'd like to call it, vitriolic vulgarity is not a problem in the blogging community, especially when people so often use their large vocabulary, big words, and lots of use of them to trick, or sway someone's opinion, or just all in all to win someone over in a disagreement, but that's a whole 'nother blog, Kyl.

So all in all I think the moral of this story is what's right for one vagina isn't always right for the next, and an applause to SweetSpot Labs for making such a controversial product, and to all you people with the inheritently bad vaginas, like myself and also lacey22 of, maybe we should start thinking of our vaginas as the inheritently royal, because hasn't it always been the royal always get..or rather need the royal treatment, something a little better then average, just a little bit of optimism.

November 14, 2008 at 12:55 AM
B.O. said...

"I love comments but please be nice or I'll have to remove them."

I have the utmost respect for that statement, I feel like crap writing that comment, but there are just some things that sting a little more then others, and instead of trying to provide nice blog, with nice comments, then you should watch what you say as well, because you got insulted maybe by SweetSpot, but you also insulted me, and anyone else who is having problems, or has had them.

If you are going to have only the good feed-back on your blogs, what is the point in being a blogger, because in fact, you are standing up for what you believe in, I, although I did respond harshly, am also standing up for myself, and what I believe in, because I don't think that, that is what SweetSpot was honestly trying to put across the it's viewers, that we have stinky vaginas, and such, but in all truth, there are some people that do not like the smell of their vagina, or are having troubles, otherwise.

You by all means should not approve my comments, I do understand that, and honestly, I applaud all your other blogs, and have read some, but this one hit a sore spot, and certainly under the circumstances.

I'm sorry if I myself have offended YOU...

November 14, 2008 at 1:10 AM

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