I ♥ the lip scrub

Looking for fresh inspiration, last weekend I took a trip to Ballard to finally check out some of the little boutiques that I've been meaning to check out for, let's say, years. I was lurking around duque salon (a very chic and fun place if you ever happen to be in the neighborhood) when I stumbled upon this adorable display:

I've heard about the lip scrub by Sara Happ in various places but had never tried it. Once confronted with the totally precious packaging of little chocolate brown boxes with ivory ribbons, however, I could resist no longer. There are several varieties available and I chose Almond Creme. The price tag was, admittedly, exorbitant: $25. I can hear you gasping. Initially I had the same reaction but ultimately decided, in the interest of providing new and interesting content for this blog, to go for it (do you see the sacrifices I make for you?!).

And, let me tell you, I'm really not sorry. This stuff is awesome. Not only is it super fun to use, but it works great, tastes great, and smells great. My husband even tolerated a trial and didn't complain that much about it (which really is a compliment). It is hydrating, smoothing and yummy all at once. I've tried other lip scrubs, but this is a head-and-shoulders above the rest. Yes, it is expensive, but a little bit goes a long way, so I expect this jar to last me for at least the next few years.

The story behind the lip scrub is enough to make you sick with why-didn't-I-think-of-that envy. But, hey, I won't begrudge Sara Happ her success. She's come up with a great product that is compelling me to endorse it's completely absurd price, something which I am loathe to do. But, there you go.

Here are some close-up pics of this magical stuff:

My lips have never been happier. My advice: go get some today. Seriously, it's definitely worth skipping lattes for the next 2 weeks.



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