Makeup Bag Makeover

So now that you've dutifully cleaned out all of your old stash, why not treat yourself to a brand new, unstained makeup bag? The qualities that I typically look for in a makeup bag depend on it's ultimate use. Only for travel? Organizing at home? Carry every day in your purse? This will be important in terms of size, structure (squishy or firm), and style. Also important is the material: it is able to be cleaned or washed in some way? Makeup bags get dirty, frequently and with regularity, so you might as well plan on that. I made the mistake of purchasing a white makeup bag a while back and have paid the price every since. No matter how many Clorox wipes or trips through the washing machine, it is permanently stained brown. I won't make that mistake again.

Here are my picks for some cute and fairly functional bags that are available right now.

Sonia Kashuk foldover cosmetic case ($10)

Natural Floral Train Case ($15)

Jemma Kidd Essential Beauty Bag ($20)
Daisy Marc Jacobs Treasure Beauty Case (on sale for $25)
BeneFit Gabbi Makeup Bag ($28)
Bare Escentuals Grand Train Case ($35)

Sephora Safari Train Case (on sale for $39) kate spade cara round cosmetic case ($95)



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