The Nail Frenzy Continues: Zoya Indigo (Can Be Yours For Free!)

To celebrate New York Fashion Week, Zoya is giving away a free bottle of its best-selling sparkling blue Indigo with any purchase of $20 or more on or The offer is good through Friday 9/12, CODE: FASHION.

Indigo has been lurking in the back of the medicine cabinet but this inspired me to bust it out. A super fun color for sassy days or dramatic nights, Indigo is a dark navy blue with red and gold sparkles. It kind of reminds me of Fourth of July fireworks. Indigo looks different under different lights and I've tried to show that with the swatches. Inside, it looks like any classy vamp color but, when the light hits it, the navy and the sparkles come to life. Outside it is definitely more blue with prominent sparkles. The patriotic feeling I get from this is just in time for Election Day 2008!

Indoor lighting, no flash

Indoor lighting with flash

Outdoor lighting without flash



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