Nordstrom Fall Trend Show: Smokey, Fresh & Juicy

Well, ladies, I am pleased to report that the the Cosmetics Trend Show was everything I hoped it would be and more. I got there early and scored a front row seat from which to document the catwalk action. There were three fall trends chosen by the makeup gods at Nordie's. I managed to snap a few pics that demonstrate each look, but the models were moving so please excuse any blurriness.

Black, Smokey Eyes
(I totally called this): smudge black kohl eyeliner around the eyes and pair with a matte complexion and muted lips. For day, keep the color close to the lash line and layer black, white, and silver shadows to give dimension. For a luxurious finish, use metallic gold accents and an opaque black shadow for a rocker-chic vibe. [Note the barely-there cheeks and eyes to go with this dramatic eye. To make a smokey eye work for daytime or a conservative work environment, skip the harsh blacks/greys and use softer browns to create a similar look.]
Fresh-Faced Beauty: skin is radiant with a sheer matte finish, with cheeks and lips giving off a warm glow in organic floral shades of feminine pinks and modern corals. The eyes sport a natural drama with burnished, bronze shadows to play off the bright hues from the rest of the face.
Winter Berry Lips: choose from a variety of hues including blackened cranberry and cherry burgundy to create a sophisticated, sultry look. Keep the skin matte, the eyes neutral and the brows manicured to focus on the lips.
This is the same model from the Smokey Eyes look but she has changed her lip color to a berry shade for a very high-impact, evening look.

While a smokey eye or a dramatic lip might seem intimidating, I would argue that they are actually easier to achieve and more flattering than a more conservative fresh-faced look. For example, if you are struggling with "skin issues," a striking eye or lip will draw attention away from blemishes and toward other features. On the other hand, the fresh faced look works because the skin is flawless and, if it isn't, any imperfections will be accented rather than disguised. If you think about it, it is actually much harder to achieve an attractive "no makeup" look. My point being: don't fear the drama.

At any rate, whether you choose to get smokey, fresh, or juicy, there is enough inspiration for everyone this season. Now go get gorgeous.



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