NOTW: OPI Parlez-Vous OPI?

I'm already in love with You Don't Know Jacques from OPI's newest La Collection de France so my hopes were high for Parlez-Vous OPI? It is a rich, creamy, mid-tone, grey-ish violet that recalls a deep shade of poi. Definitely not an appealing color for food, but for nailpolish, it's a winner. The application required 2 coats for bottle color, but I was impressed at the coverage provided by only 1 coat. The formula is quality and it spreads over the nail easily without streaking. For this reason, one might be able to get away with one thick-ish coat if in a hurry. I haven't tried this, but I just might...

Please excuse the quality of the application and the dryness of my nails. It's been a rough week for them. The top pic is indoor lighting without flash and the bottom is natural outdoor light without flash. I'm impressed with how strikingly different the color looks inside vs. out. But, it is fairly representative of how it looks in real life: slightly more pink inside and more violet out. Parlez-Vous OPI? is a very wearable color for Fall and would be a good first step for someone looking to expand their polish possibilities beyond the usual pink and beige.



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