I haven't ranted recently about any products that piss me off, but here's one that has done so over and over again: Stila Convertible Eye Color ($20). Stila claims "this versatile, dual-ended eye color wand is a sleek, pen-shaped makeup ace that has an eye pencil on one end and a smudging tool on the other. Twist the middle and there you have the perfect coordinating eye shadow ready for application."

All of that is technically true. What they don't tell you, however, is that the eyeliner is extremely soft and produces an uneven, raggedy line that essentially must be smudged. For a product that claims to be so incredibly versatile, it seems that a neat, consistent line that did not necessitate smudging should be possible.
I've been using this product in Onyx for way longer than I should considering how much I detest it. Onyx comes with black liner and white shadow in the wand. In theory, the combo of the black and white is good, but in practice, it just doesn't work for me. I would rather have a dark grey or dark purple shadow. The starkness of the white next to the black is severe and I can't make it work in any satisfying way. Admittedly, there are many other color combinations to choose from, I just happen to find Onyx particularly disappointing.

More complaints include the fact that the eye liner has zero staying-power and will essentially dissolve on your face as the day goes on. And if you somehow get away with
not smudging it to start, rest assured that it will smudge the hell out of itself whether you like it or not. Probably by the time you drive to work. It will then continue to migrate all over your face throughout the day until every trip to the bathroom becomes a painful and hideous reminder of why you have sworn so many times to stop using this horrible, horrible product. I'm going to go throw it away right now.



Misti said...

Don't throw it away! Take that back to Sephora and fill out a complaint card!! At least get store credit for it!

Also, I have *never* been impressed by any Stila product, ever. The tinted moisturizer cakes and dries my skin, the lip glosses have a rage-worthy applicator, the eyeshadows disappear on my lids within hours...just add this product to the list.

September 26, 2008 at 10:24 AM

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