Pond's Clean Sweep Wet Cleansing Towlettes

Well, the wedding is officially over and I am safe and sound back on the couch. It's a good thing because, after a week with the fam, some time on the couch is definitely in order.

I also couldn't wait to get back and share some new beauty finds. First up is Pond's Clean Sweep face towelettes. In an effort to pack light, I was hesitant to take my usual bottle of facial cleanser and was looking for a smaller alternative. These towelettes fit the bill perfectly. They come in a packs of 15 or 30 and are very economical. The 15 pack was $3.29 at Walgreens. They are pre-moistened, ready to use, and do not require rinsing. Overall, these were very convenient and an excellent substitute for my usual cleanser. The texture is soft but tough enough for scrubbing away every last bit of makeup and the scent is minimal and pleasant. They removed eye makeup (including waterproof mascara) without difficulty and left my face clean and refreshed. They were also handy for wiping off dirty flip-flop feet before jumping into bed. The packet is small and soft-sided, making squeezing it into an already over-full suitcase manageable and easy. Plus, since they don't require water, you can use them anywhere (including while in bed watching TV).

On another subject, I'm looking forward to reading Max Factor: The Man Who Changed The Faces Of The World by Fred Basten. It is a biography of quite possibly the world's most influential cosmetic chemist and the man responsible for some of Old Hollywood's most iconic looks. There is a favorable review of the book in last week's New Yorker that piqued my interest in this legendary and innovative man.



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