Tarte Lip Couture

Whilst passing through Sephora today, the Lip Couture lipstick collection from Tarte Cosmetics caught my eye. It is a limited edition set that includes four full sized lipsticks and a mini lip liner all contained in a cute purple quilted box. Adorable! The versatile lip colors will be flattering on most skin tones and the liner is neutral enough to be used with all of them. The four colors all have uplifting names:

• Eden: nude beige
• Utopia: warm mauve berry
• Aura: deep brick red
• Paradise: sheer peachy-nude

The lipsticks also contain a whole boat-load of supposedly beneficial natural ingredients to keep your kisser soft and smooth. They are also paraben free, phthalate free, mineral oil free, sulfate free, propylene glycol free and fragrance free (which I think would make them pregnancy safe). The best part of this collection is the price: $32. Seriously, four trendy lipsticks + lip liner for less than $50 seems like a value to me. The lipsticks alone usually cost $22 each. It looks like other folks are hip to this collection because it is sold out on the tarte main site, but still available at sephora.com.



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