Try Bare Minerals for $15!

I've been using Bare Minerals (aka Bare Escentuals) for several years now and it is really excellent foundation. Sometimes foundation looks like it is suffocating the wearer, but BE somehow allows the natural light of your skin shine through. I don't understand how this works, but it is truly "you only better."

At any rate, I highly recommend checking out BE. Now is a particularly good time because starting Sunday 9/28 through Saturday 10/11, Ulta is offering an introductory BE kit for $15.
Usually introductory kits for BE cost at least $60, so this is a great deal.

Each kit includes two foundation shades, translucent/setting powder (Mineral Veil) and a mini kabuki brush. This is smaller than the usual intro kit, but is is more than enough to try out Bare Minerals for yourself. My advice is to try to pick one up at an Ulta store so a sales associate can recommend the right shade. But, if you unfortunately live in an ulta-less area, the deal can still be yours. Use coupon code TRYBELIEVE at checkout on



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