Budget Friendly Beauty from Women's Health

The November issue of Women's Health magazine has a story where several beauty editors were sent to drugstores with only $40 and a mission to find the best, most affordable products in makeup, hair, skin care and accessories. The results are available on their website for your viewing pleasure.

Most of the results were ho-hum, in my opinion, but the Essence of Beauty Travel Makeup Brush Kit ($10) caught my eye. This handy travel-friendly kit contains six reasonable-quality makeup brushes all for a very reasonable price. But here's the problem: I can't find the damn kit online anywhere! Apparently, Essence of Beauty brushes are exclusively sold at CVS and so it may be possible to find one of these elusive kits in a real store, but they certainly aren't available on the CVS website.

What are available are a couple other kits which are also reasonably priced, but not as comprehensive as the Travel Kit. The At Home Face Kit ($14) contains four brushes (blush, powder, eyeshadow, and eyebrow).
And the Deluxe Duo Set ($15) gets you six brushes in a convenient double-ended form.
But, I admit, they seem like second-best to the Travel Kit. At any rate, a quick review of some of my favorite beauty blogs indicates that folks are generally pretty pleased with the Essence of Beauty brushes and agree that they are a good value. So if you find yourself in a CVS any time soon, it might be worth investigating the availability of the Travel Kit. Because it's kind of lame to recommend a product that no one can find, Women's Health, no?



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